Embracing the Agility Paradox

‚ÄčAgility is a paradox — many paradoxes. Unlike command-and-control systems, which give managers the illusion of knowing where they are going and how fast, agile systems require a coordination of teams living on the edge of the known and the unknown, the controlled and the uncontrollable.

Aristotle taught that virtue lies in the balance between two extremes. Courage is neither foolhardiness nor fear, it’s found somewhere in the balance or integration of the two: taking bold, risk-aware action even when you’re afraid.

Agile people and teams live between extremes. This blog explores the virtues of agility and life in the balance.

Focus and Flexibility

Quick and Quality

Done and Delivery

Strategic and Self-organizing

Distributed Collaboration and Direct Connection

Planning and Pulling

In the world of personal productivity, there is a treasured state called “flow”. It’s a mental place of relaxed alertness where you lose track of time and suddenly realize how much you’ve accomplished in a few hours. Teams delve deeply into the virtues of agile to achieve the equivalent of “flow” as a team.


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